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Andrzej Przełucki SP9HZX
Andrzej Przeucki SP9HZX
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ROMEKS was founded in Tychy on November 15, 1990 by Romuald Chrucicki. Since 1995 it has been operating on the local property market as a leading real estate agency and since 1997 has been operating in cleaning services of office spaces and industrial objects as well.

We are professional real estate agency, providing assistance in advising and selling, buying or renting property. We accompany you through the whole process, starting from finding property, through negotiating terms and conditions of an agreement, up to the moment the agreement is signed. We have been providing real estate agency services for over eleven years now and throughout that time we have been gaining the knowledge and experience that today make up the foundation of our activity.

ROMEKS is a problem-solving partner for companies and individuals. We are operating generally in province of Silesia, thus we understand and anticipate problems assocated with local property market.
With the commission of our customers we are looking for particular types of real estate- commercial, industrial (areas to develop shopping malls, petrol stations, warehouses, workshops and running companies as well).

All ROMEKS representatives ensure friendly, reliable ad professional customer service. They fulfill all the requirements specified in Polish act regulating real estate agencies. Agents participate in continuous profssional development to ensure they are fully up to date and to improve their skills and qualifications. In our company we combine tradition with a modern approach - our agents' activities are supported by state of the art technology: our own computer office management system, internet and digital photography.

Large database containing wide scope of real estates helps us efficiently satisfy our customers. We present our offer within various ways: in newspapers, giveaway papers, representative company's windows at the main street in Tychy, monthly trade papers about real estates, and of course on the web-site: www.romeks.pl.

During all years of operation, ROMEKS gained the trust of hundreds satisfied customers. This group is still growing, what make us trust, that we are going in good direction. We offer our best services and we are convinced that we can help in selecting the best solution for each of our customers.


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